Mason Mia & Associates, Solicitors & Advocates, Bathurst.

What do we do?

Our aim is to provide you with practical and realistic solutions to assist you, your family and business. 

We can assist in the following areas:

Breakdown of Marriage & De Facto Relationships

  • dissolution of marriage and relationships
  • property disputes
  • custody disputes
  • Parenting plans
  • advice and counselling referrals
  • child maintenance
  • all AVO and separation matters

Police Matters

  • drink driving and traffic offences
  • other traffic offences in all courts
  • bail applications
  • driver’s licence appeals
  • Severity Appeals and Not Guilty appeals
  • defence against criminal and motor vehicle charges in all courts

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

  • preparation of wills
  • claims against wills and estates
  • estate planning, family and unit trusts and family companies
  • probate and administration of estates

Buying & Selling Your Home

  • buying and selling your house, land and commercial properties
  • leasing of residential and commercial premises
  • problems relating to easements, covenants, transfer of property

Employment Problems

  • unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
  • advice on workplace agreements (AWAs)


  • Victim’s of Crime compensation applications

Business & Corporate

  • buying and selling businesses or companies
  • partnerships
  • leasing of premises and equipment
  • franchising
  • trade practices law

Finance & Tax

  • advice on tax
  • advice on rates
  • advice on land tax
  • advice on government duties and borrowing
  • problems with hire purchase, leasing and credit cards
  • social security matters

Resolving Disputes

  • appearances in all courts
  • building disputes
  • civil matters
  • commercial and contract disputes

Debt Recovery

  • recovery of money for property damage - motor vehicle accidents
  • recovery of debts
  • loans and unpaid accounts
  • bankruptcy proceedings

Council & Government Disputes

  • disputes with councils
  • disputes with any government departments
  • defence against prosecutions by government departments
  • negotiations on development approvals and zoning matters
  • land and environment court actions

Neighbour Disputes

  • over fences, trees, dogs, noise, assault and trespass, etc

Consumer Protection

  • Re-negotiation of loan repayments
  • building contracts disputes
  • insurance and hire purchase problems
  • motor vehicle problems
  • faulty workmanship
  • warranties and guarantees

Other Services

We have ready access to experts in the fields of accounting, building, engineering, surveying, management, valuation, stockbroking, investment and insurance. We are happy to refer you to the best local people who can assist you.

We also have strong contacts with leading barristers to provide in depth legal advice on complex matters.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is available for many problems and you are often able to nominate your own solicitor. We will help you to apply for legal aid. It should be remembered that legal aid is subject to a Means and Income Test and you may be required to make a contribution.